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Cloud-based software that gets measurable results by simplifying care coordination, generating revenue and managing costs.

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  • Coordinate Care With Confidence

    Assess Needs Stratify Risk Develop + Coordinate Care Real-Time Communication Access for Everyone

    Deliver value-based care with a technology platform that extends clinical exemplars and enables seamless care coordination from healthcare institution to home. Connects doctors, caregivers, patients and families in real-time.

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  • Data Aggregation +Predictive Risk Analysis

    Total View of Patient Combine Clinical + Claims Data to Assess/Predict Health Risks

    What happens when you combine data from departments that don’t always do a good job sharing information? Insights. Efficiencies. Results. myCareGPS gives you the tools to improve care coordination at every level.

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  • Easy Integration

    Keep Your Existing EMR System Easy to Implement Seamless Between Departments

    No need to make changes to your legacy technology platforms. From clinical to claims data, myCareGPS integrates data from your EMR and HIE systems to deliver a clear view of patient progress.

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KLAS awards myCareGPS’ tech-partner, HealthEC, as 2017’s Most Deeply Adopted Population Health Management Vendor with Best Customer Focus On Care Management and Patient Engagement.

The Chronic Care Opportunity

Now CMS reimburses for Chronic Care Management up to $50 per month for patients with two or more chronic conditions. That means every 1,000 discharges to your Care Coordination program could generate revenues of $600,000 annually while improving overall outcomes. myCareGPS gives you the means to tap this enormous, recurring revenue stream without seeing more patients.

  • Optimize existing patient load with a new recurring revenue stream
  • Track patients
  • Manage risk and deliver better care
  • Improve reportable outcomes
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Patient Engagement

Every patient and their family wants control and peace of mind over their path to recovery. myCareGPS empowers them to engage in their own care by delivering clarity and certainty about what they need to do to get back to wellness. They can check on and participate in their care plan, progress, prognosis and care team communication in real time over any wireless device.

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