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Embrace value-based care with myCareGPS: Care teams, patients and family members can easily access powerful cloud-based intelligence for a real-time view that helps coordinate the best care and improve a patient’s transition to wellness.

Care Coordination. Chronic Care Management. Patient Engagement. In one easy-to-implement platform that improves outcomes and generates revenue.

Improve Outcomes

myCareGPS helps assess risk, streamlines collaboration and delivers consistent care to ensure that patients move forward in their recovery — not back into your organization.

The platform works with your existing systems to create easy-to-use, patient-centered, holistic care plans based on physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental assessments. It’s easy to learn, with a simple interface to improve efficiencies across departments almost immediately.

The systems empowers healthcare organizations to achieve interoperability and enable a seamless, secure conduit for patient, clinical, and financial information.

A single, comprehensive view of a patient’s health across the care continuum yields efficient care-coordination, better outcomes and lower cost. Providers can meet Meaningful Use requirements by collecting, transforming, and reporting on the same data.

myCareGPS helps ACOs, IPAs, CINs and Health Systems meet care goals, avoid penalties, and maximize quality payment program incentives. The platform provides a quantifiable return on investment through smarter resource allocation, overhead reduction, and management of high-risk patients with appropriate intervention and ongoing oversight.


  • Integrate clinical, financial and utilization data across the care continuum
  • Access patient history from regional clinical data banks to empower predictive analytics and stratify risk
  • Support pre-built clinical quality measures to include ACO, MU, HEDIS, PQRS, etc.
  • Identify and eliminate gaps in care
  • ADT alerts, real-time clinical information from all providers
  • 24/7 TeleHealth and wireless technology — facilitate provider and patient engagement to ensure evidence-based clinical practice
  • Medications reconciliation and alert system
  • Real-time communication among doctors, caregivers, patient, family and community

New Revenue for Patients You Already See

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program reimburses providers up to $50 per month for the care management of patients who suffer from two or more chronic conditions. myCareGPS gives you the tools to seize this opportunity by integrating data seamlessly with your existing EMR and other regional data systems.

The cloud-based myCareGPS platform delivers a simple, elegant interface that’s intuitive for care providers in every role. It’s easy to learn and improves efficiencies among physicians, nurses and administrative staff and leads to increased revenue.


  • Enable NEW CMS reimbursement for Transitional and Chronic Care Management
  • Robust eMPI (Master Patient Index) and RLS
  • Easy audit and analytic reporting (PQRS, HEDIS, ACO)
  • Longitudinal view of patient - pulls clinical and claims data from hospitals, PBNs and payers
  • Track real-time patient progress and identify and eliminate gaps in care
  • Improve delayed response times with patient portals, alerts and dashboards

Many Data Points, One View

Busy Care Coordinators want solutions that help them manage treatment for the top five percent of their patient population — people with a four- to five-times greater risk of negative health consequences. These are patients that account for 50 percent of most payers’ total expenditure.

myCareGPS delivers a prerequisite of good care and strong business operations: Simple, reliable communication between all stakeholders.

The platform unifies care teams, improves communication, and identifies and bridges gaps in care along the patient’s pathway through acute care and back into the community. ACOs, IPAs, CINs and Health Systems can meet care goals, avoid penalties, and maximize value-based program incentives. myCareGPS reduces overhead by allocating resources efficiently against high-risk patients which leads to better care.


  • Ensure continuity of care from hospital bed to kitchen table (use preloaded standardized clinical pathways or customize physician protocols/nursing exemplars)
  • Coordinate handoffs to new caregivers and integrate care management among all providers
  • 24/7 Care Support and Coordination Center
  • Bluetooth biomedical device integration
  • Real-time communication among doctors, caregivers, patient, family and community
  • Medication reconciliation and alert system

Put the Most Important Person in the Center

Patients, families and their care team want empowerment, peace of mind and an active role in their recovery. That means they need good information, access, and accountability.

myCareGPS understands how essential patient involvement is to drive positive outcomes. That’s why it offers you engagement tools that bridge the gap between clinical providers and their treatment through simplified technology. The more you know, the better you do. Control and peace of mind deliver optimal outcomes and higher customer satisfaction.

Consistent patient engagement results in greater participation, responsive health monitoring and management. Build awareness by directly engaging patients to achieve their health goals and drive better health results and lower costs. A win-win for patients and their care team.


  • Multi-portal access to allow for real-time sharing of patient status
  • Built-in medication and appointment alerts and reminders
  • Medication reconciliation to avoid over-dosing or adverse side-effects
  • Integrate Bluetooth tele-health monitoring devices
  • Educational resources library for lay and professional caregivers
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